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At WEST INDIES VALVE CORP. you will find a wide variety of services that will meet your utmost requirements.

Valve remanufacturing

Valve remanufacturing is the process to rebuild a used valve, regardless of its condition, and restore it to its “like new “ status, following the valve manufacturer’s recommendation and in strict compliance with both the ASME and the NBCI codes.

WEST INDIES VALVE CORP as an independently operated enterprise, is able to perform reconditioning work to a host of major brands of safety and safety relief valves.

In line leak repair

Are pipes, flanges, or fittings leaking product or steam  and process shutting down not an option? WEST INDIES VALVE CORP., offers you the alternative to correct these conditions while you are still continuing production.Our technical staff is trained for live in-line leak repair service.

Valve inventory survey

As a supplementary service, we perform an inventory survey of all your valves with the pertinent information, such as manufacturer, size, model, process, use, etc.


This service gives our customers the option to reduce their maintenance cost by having WEST INDIES VALVE CORP., run a preventive maintenance program.Clearly speaking, we do the maintenance; you keep up production!


Sandblasting is the process of smoothing, shaping and cleaning a hard surface by forcing solid particles of sand across that surface at high speeds. The effect is similar to that of using sandpaper, but provides a more even finish with no problems at corners or crannies.WEST INDIES VALVE CORP., uses the process to remove paint and grime from all valves received for repair.

The process is also available to our customers for work on equipment other than valves.

Warehousing facilities

As a complementary service of valve remanufacturing, customers can reduce their cost by stocking a second set of valves at our facilities for replacement purposes. WEST INDIES VALVE CORP., will stock these valves at our facilities ready to deliver tested, and certified as required.

Special machining

In our facilities, we have the required equipment to perform limited machining jobs.

Hydro pneumatic testing

We can perform hydro-pneumatic testing in pressure retaining vessels, thus detecting any possible leaks, cracks or metal fatigue within the equipment.

Welding coded and non-coded (limited)

WEST INDIES VALVE CORP., IS QUALIFIED BY THE national Board to perform limited welding procedures, coded and non-coded, on pressure retaining vessels.

Pipe fabrication (limited)

As required.


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